Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Part 2 Ep 2

(Author's note:i have decided to name this episode The Artic Battle)
Casanova Glared Past the window Snow falling down slowly.
He remembered  the days he and his family had spent in the snow he stood up and walked towards the training room downstairs necros was beating some fake monster that was created by Kenspeckle's system.
It had been 2 years since he joined the magical community and he was stronger than ever.
Now he was able to flame his asteroids and he was also O.K against necros A couple of months ago Lillivale Diamondsnipe had died he was on a seperate mission with Skulduggery and was not there to help.
He sat in one of the viewing chairs for the training rooms and watched till Necros finished.
He then rided down on one of the Asteroids he could create and thrashed it on the ground it exploded into pieces killing everything in the room except Necros who shielded himself with some energy of his.
"Hey watch it Casanova!" Necros yelled A bit shocked
"What Ya' Chicken?" Casanova said Mockingly
"I'm  not! You could of killed me though."Necros explained Abused
"Well wanna' do a round of monsters your choice he put everything on here he even Lord o' Vile!" Casanova Chirped
"Fine how about...A round of  Hollow Men?" Necros asked scrolling through the list of monsters Kenspeckle put on the list
"Fine by me." Answered Casanova
They fought through many Hollow men and the room stank from Hollow Men gas the holograms Kenspeckle made were so Realistic they mimiced every detail and when you go in there if you get hit by the holograms you dont get hurt you just cant damage the monster but this never happened
"Oh my gosh who let one rip!?" Kallista asked covering her nose
"Sorry guys we were fighting Hollow Men." Casanova said as the holographic body damage dissapeared
"Well next time Warn us!" Jodi Harte said holding her nose
Just then Someone burst into the room "We need your help in the Artic NOW!" The man said, Spraying them with some sort of Snow Freezing them all.

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  1. Wow! Thats some cool training method Kenspeckle created. Smells and all! Lol This is exciting! I can't wait for the next part! It sound as if it will be a cold job in the Artic! *Brrrrrrr*