Friday, September 24, 2010

The Enemy's Point of view.

Somewhere in the Pacific
"I am going to dominate the world minions!" Dantea Dredkin said to the crowd of minions they then roared out "Silence!" She yelled the crowd then Silenced completly "this is my plan, We shall kill a mass of Sorcerer's which all this death shall attract Lord Vile and he will open the gates from death and life i shall then form a death army and control the world with Lord Vile! Now...Our plan lays in the hand's of the mass of death getting to Lord Vile of course the more powerful they are the bigger signal they will send. So i have found some of the most powerful sorcerers in the world and i plan to kill them 1 by 1 to send out strong signals often this will attract lord vile here, now... i need all you to help me you shall help me kill them." Dantea Explained
"Thus we will own the world!" She finished and the crowd roared, she walked to her office and called her assistant "This is the start to something big...." she said to herself

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  1. Wow! She's one tough villian! I can't wait to see what happens!
    I do plan to include you in my fan fic, donkey. Thanks for giving me the ok to do so. :D
    I hope to write the next one soon, but weekends are a bit tough right now. Well see how it goes. Lol