Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 12

Lord Vile Sent out streaks of darkness a wall of energy was created by Necros the Nercomancing magic broke this they all dived towards him Lillivale pulled out two swords and swung them at him continuosly the portal strenthened  Leo Sparks shot lightning at the cloud dantea sat on which dissapated she stood up and summoned some metal golems which were controlled by Leos eltrcitgy and fought with him not against the portal grew stronger and stronger widening with every second there wasnt much time till it swallowed the room or worse started releasing the dead which wouldnt be pleasant. swords clashed Leo kept fighting he sent a field of eletricity on her the swords she carried and the metal on her belt was flung away with her she flew away on her cloud but lord vile was still fighting and so was danteas minions All but lillivale was fighting the minions Lillivale was fighting Lord Vile he swung his sword and hooked onto Lord Vile's belt and threw him into the portal he gripped onto the sword wwith all his might. Kallista Pendragon fought a wave of them there were only a few left once they were all killed Kallisra ran towards Lillivale but was stopped by some dead she chucked them into the portal but it was too late lillivale pulled once more but was tuggged into the portal with Lord Vile the portal then shrunk and enclosed leaving Kallista patting the ground.

The cemetry was empty apart from those sorceres and sorceress'  Standing in front of the grave of Lillivale Diamondsnipe. after the funeral they went to the Warehouse next to the Hiberian were they had a hideout from there on in Skylara Wolfbane was waiting near a window where rain pattered down "Why did he have to die..." Skylara said sadly "he died bacause he had too we will alway remember him" Lillivales socialist said "ok everyone sit down please i have the Will right here" Lillivales Socialist announced and read the will....
The final testament of Lillivale Diamondsnipe
Dear friends and.... well i have no family so.. there was a small giggle around the room
For Necros
all those arguments we had about who was more powergul and who was better lead to this personally i still think im better but with this i enclose the following:A Shape shifters sword that has the ability to change things hopefully this may actually equalize to me
For Kallista Pendragon
for all those great times together i enclose my motorcycle and my house my socialist knows the adress ask him.
For Leo sparks
i enclose many many pieces of metal and a metal golem which i made which you could control
For the rest of you
i enclose a piece of my money for you each which is roughly what 500,000 dollars
they all left after that except the people who were left things personally from lillivale and skylara skylara stayed there the rest sat down somewhere else talking
and i have asked for my socialist to do this privately.
For Skylara Wolfbane
The only shapeshifter i have ever met but me i enclose a part of me literally a part of me this gunk inside tis vase is me a small version of me it can turn into anything and transform anything just like me, i hope it helps you along the line.


  1. Nooooooooo! Lillivale is gone? I don't believe it! *gets all teary eyed*
    Awesome story donkey! Great action!

  2. thank you i killed lillivale because i need a new character i mean seriously i dont want a invincible character though he might come back becus valkyrie can re-open the portal