Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fan fiction part 4

After everyone got over being shocked lillivale turned into his human form and walked up to valkyrie "Valkyrie Cain?" Lillivale asked  "Yes" Valkyrie said "or shall i say Stepahnie Edgly." Lillivale whispered "how do you know my name?!" yelled valkyrie shocked "im your ancestor." lillivale whipered and then walked away only to realise dusk diving towards him lillivale turned into a stone and dusk ran right into him then hell broke loose they were all fighting and this time it was as fast as lightning conor turned into a monster with hige teeth sparking everywhere from its mouth and its hole body was a worm and black wings. he then attacked Billy-Ray and sent him out the Midnight hptel then moved to tanith shrunk so small and went in her soul and grappled onto the remnant there he shredded it and it flew out he went out and the remant dived towards him it went towards him but he grabbed a table and slime slithered out of his sleeve and turned the table into a soul catcher and caught the remnant  that left dusk out of no where a wolf appeared which then turned into a girl skylara wolfbane and then a man came out of nowhere appeared his name Necros then a girl named florence came in and dived towards dusk he then suddenly shrivelled up and died "how how did you do that?" nicollete croga asked "i can turn vampires into humans but this must be an exception, he must of been vampire for too long and his body wouldnt except him and he..." florence explained "umm went rotten?" lillivale said still staring at dusk  then out of nowhere a boy dived through the only remaining window which hadnt been dived through it was leo sparks "too late leo though you did get the last window" necros said sarcastically "what about that one and that one..." leo sparks said pointing at the windows "lillivale's making them." necros pointed out just as lillivale sapped himself from the window that leo broke "okay dokey lets go." lillivale said as he finished sapping up the dead bodies scattered on the floor suddenly tanith low woke up "wha- what happened" suddenly everyone saw a figure diving towards the window until the midnight hotel sunk into the ground "first things first tanith a remnant got to you second  thank god someone didnt dive through that window it was becoming a cliche it was probably Billy-ray anyway so who cares." commented lillivale happily "ok gang were off" skulduggery pleasant said suddenly valkyrie, tanith & ghastly  allls tood up and valkyrie went on her phone and said midnight hotel then fletcher rennn appeared out of nowhere and they all held ands and dissapeared. "well what a day that was..." necros said slightly confused "ok where too next?" Kallista said "well im not sure i think this mystery is fina-" skylara wolfbane was interupted by a man crashing through the door and his arms opened up revealing vines which encased them.

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