Thursday, September 23, 2010

fan fiction 6

The fruit fell and... a huge golem came out a human made of stone "thats what you were fighting..."Deathfield sighed just then bridget whiplash woke up and whipped the golem and sliced right through it and kallista threw water at it and it went down to mud then they all threw fire at the mud evaporating the water then they used air to move it to the side "ok you still have a few more fruits" the grand mage said exhausted " she pointed at one more and Jodi Harte came out a bit shocked but then realized everyone else has experienced the same thing then she pointed to another fruit and it fell and isreal elysium came came out with the same realization as jodi and walked to the crowd then out of nowhere vines popped out of the ground swallowing Valkyrie, Tanith, Ghastly & Skullduggery " What! they were needed in Ireland anyway." Willovine said a bit shocked at everyones anger to him. She pointed at the next fruit aand mary hiashi came out and same as the last 2 and just walked to the crowd then the next fruit and a mango fell down and lillivale grabbed it and ate it
"ok we will split into groups to find them.." lillivale said "ok well we will split into groups ill be in 1 group Kallista in another Necros in the 3rd and Skylara in the 4th..."
You will be filed into groups when you tell me in Derek Landy's blog all whoo read this know where that is so yer please hurry if you want part 7 then they get titles!

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