Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Labryninth of Doom

As they woke up in a cell Bridget glared around frantically Kallista stood up she noticed no one but the group was in the cell Darkshire Was outside the cell Necros was trying to Force the door open Lillivale tried to pick the lock.
Lillivale whipped some sludge around and before he could transform it Necros Whipped some energy with it combined it slammed on the door and broke it down Everyone awoke Immediately darkshire remained asleep There was a river in the room running down the cave into a pitch black cave.
Lillivale stared at a pebble he flicked it up in mid air "Knurl! Stenr!" The rock immediately change into a large Canoe
"What did you do?" Asked Leo fiddling with some Iron on the floor
"Its an ancient language magic can be used with it, I found some sort of translater in Hell."
"Mind the language!" Kallista yelled
"No literally in hell" Lillivale Retorted Already in The canoe he picked up some more stones he Got some Twigs and said "Vondr! Stenr!" The Twigs grew into Oars and they all hopped in.As they Rowed Down the stream There was a whisp of darkness appearing from the water Raising from the Darkness was a Girl.
The girl was beatiful the man gaped when they saw her.
Her eyes Dark green slightly tilted Like a cat Her hair Black As night her body was well built she had a belt With two sheaths and a clip that held a bow and arrow
Lillivale Stared Unimpressed he didnt fancy women His brother who Had died from the wrath of lord vile had married the most beautiful woman who he adored since she died he had never fancied a woman though he did like how she was built, For fighting.
Her eyes opened and She Staggered and fell in the canoe it didnt fit so Lillivale shouted again "Knurl! Stenr!"
The boat extended and she fit in The boat started shaking violently
"Waterfall Ho!" Shouted Kallista
the boat rocked Violently Lillivale repeated the words "Knurl! Stenr!" the boat grew to a giant capsule with a see-through window in the front it fell down and it bounced around
"Knurl! Stenr!" The boat Changed to a bunch of stones
"Vondr Stenr!" The Oars changed into some logs
Leo Started a fire while revealing a metal golem it walked around for a while then came back and shrunk.
The Fire burned The golem, Somehow had caught some meat htey ate it and chatted
"What do we do now? asked Bridget
before anyone could answer there was a small crash and a sound "Hmmm weve gotten closer..."
thats all they could here They knew who the voice was Darkshires
"Great Not only do they have The weapon of The first necromancer They have a advantage over us!" Cried Nicollete
"Now how do suspect us do beat them?!" Asked Leo
"We will see...." Kallista Said graciously

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Derek and eoin talk in a cafe chatting about the randomness of last night the door then locked and they were sucked into a portal of apples
when tey arrived they were greeted by a apple king
"Welcome to fruit land! we live in peace and prosperity but are at war with the potatos so we shall great you with dead potatos as a banquet!"
after eating potatos ith eyes he chatted with the king and the king announced a dance the apples started dancing around like crazy then one started rappiung
this rapper was interupted by potatos marching through with a giant fruit peeler
donkey shooter picked up eoin and derek and ate them pooed them out and they woke up as poos
they then ate all the potatoes apples and other inhabitants of fruit land
derek went to the toiletwhen he finished he was pulled into his toilet by bits of poo and dragged too poo land
too be continued...


Dereks house
he sits drinking tea solemnly on his couch he heres a bunch of bangs from his computer he runs there and finds...
A bunch of purple pixies and donkey shooter wearing donkey skinned clothes
"i shall make you post"
the pixies swarm him and enter his mouth and control his body little did donkey know he was about to have a allergic reaction
derek threw up and te pixies drowned in the spew.
Donkey shooter hen throws a temper tantrum
he sends out more pixies and a one eyed one humped purple people eater which breathes purple flame and likes toffee he makes his pixie dunk him in toffee and the purple people eater devours him whole the purple people eater has a allergic reaction too derek and throws him up derek does some krav maga moves only to be stopped by pixies he sends out a derek eater which eats him but is allergic to dereks hair
Donkey shooter screams out ppixies which blow the roof off which flies ver far away
Eoin Colfers house
Eoin was busy writing a new Artemis Fowl book then bang his roof fell in but to be replaced by the Derek landys and is computer was smashed up
"DONKEY SHOOTER!" yells derek and eoin at the same time
"WOOPS!" says donkey shooter and flys away on a retarted dwarf
random huh?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Jack Gravitater landed and stared at the pack of monsters being attacked by a large pack of Sorcerers.
He used his ability and they flung back into a pit at the back of the room
theere was 2 pathways  both guarded by pits.
"Who are you?" Dragona asked
"Jack Gravitater, Pleased to meet you." He shook everyones hands and introduced himself.
A remanent came out of one of the pits and landed and turned into a human
they all attacked but his body avoided and opened up if it hit him.
"I'm A ghoul I've got no name..." The Ghoul Bacame some darkness and swirled arouind and he spelt out "HOP IN" he swirled into a portal and they dived in when they cam out they were in a room with a few podiums one carrying a sword switching between elements one is a bow arrows with darkness one a  sword tthat split around and twirled  and they flew out one was a blue pencil that etched on the walls making the shields around the podiums stay strong, The one in the middle Was where a man Stood  Elements squirting out of his hands and Necromancing magic coming out another hand
DarkShire picked up the bow and arrow tipped them with tranquilizing poison he shot them all and they blacked out

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Jack Gravitater Jerked back and easily dodged every slice "Hmm... The great Tanith low was meant to be good..." He said dodging every slice with ease he crouched like a spider and pushed himself up and he flew right over Tanith
"Do you even have magic?!" Tanith Asked confused that this swift man had not used magic
"I will now if you want..." Jack said and then a small star appeared in the corner of his eye and it spun around and came out of his eye hen dissapeared
"Whats that!? A tiny star!?" Tanith asked she ran at him and was flown back and stared she then rose into the air and stayed there she tried to get out of the invisble box.
Jack used his huge lanky legs and got over to Her in one Step
"I control Gravity like you do but I can control  the gravity around m and it can Push and pull."
Jack's Star came out and spun the other way and Tanith fell to the ground
"Why do you want to hurt me!" Tanith screamed
"I hate Remnants!" Jack yelled
"I'm not a Remnant it was taken out of me by Lillivale!"
"Well youre not lack lipped so you can go..."
she called and said "Field of Darkness"
Fletcher Appeared and Stared at Jack for a while then left.
Jack walked into the field his large legs pushing him along he ran intro a small Portal and Jumped in
Below him was a pack of people under attack by a large pack of monsters...

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Thunder boomed across the field which was a maze the deadly three theen sunk into the ground then "Race ya to the weapons!" yelled Billy-Ray sinking into the ground but was stopped by Necros and Lillivale
"Plural? theres only one weapon!" Screamed Darkshire
"Theres 2 one for each magic!" Screamed Billy Ray
Lillivale then made a cage and put Billy-Ray in there it hovered above the field\
"that'll contain him he cant go underground now." Said Lillivale about to tear through the the grass only to realise it was hard as steel
They went down the field until a fox strolled up to them and stopped at Skylara it then transformed into Aquila Felis
"Aquila! nice of you to join us!" Skylara said happily
"Well I saw you walking and i though i would join." Aquila Said already out of her fox form
they stopped when they saw a Small Green portal
"What do we do?" Bridget asked nervously as nightfall approached
"We go in of course..." Kallista said and jumping in followed by the rest Darkshire stayed out and stared at the chest behind the portal he opened it and there was a blade that was black and creeping with darkness it was the weapon of the first Necromancer he jumped in and glared at it as he fell They thought he was Darkshire when he really was...
 Lord Vile.

Friday, October 8, 2010

The Field of Darkness

They Immediately prepared for battle Darkshire Whipped around some darkness and grabbed Lord Vile
"Who are you?" Lord vile asked Struggling from the darkness
"Darkshire Deathlash." Darkshire answered dropping lord vile but pinning him to the ground
"I thought you were killed and same with you two. anyway EXPLAIN!" Necros yelled
"Ok.... heres how i brought them back to life..." just then he opened a portal that looked familar to everyone but Darkshire but he knew what it was it was the gate to the dead they saw something trying to get out Kallista ran to it and was about to smash t but looked at it and pulled it up out came a burly mqan with ooze dripping from his Sleeves While waiting he whipped the ooze and turned it into a whirlwind and blasted them way past the field "l-l-lillivale..." Stuttered Skylara the man stood up whipped his ooze around and turned it into a few hands and shooke everyones hands at once "O-kay... im a little bit confused, HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET OUT!" Necros screamed "Wrong How on Hell did i get out..." Lillivale replied brushing something off his shirt  Kallista explained the mission theywere about to do and Introduced him to Darkshire
He then led them into a path in The field of wheat "Why cant we fly over!" Complained Skylara "Because its to damn foggy!" Yelled Darkshire then something came out of the ground "Why Hello Darlins' I brought my friends" Billy Ray Said after him popped up The Deadly Three and Dusk and Springheeled Jack

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Field Of Darkness


Darkshire stared through the heavy mist of the field, Looking weaker than usual
This Field contains the weapon of the first necromancer but of course the field is a massive maze shrouded by a heavy mist only one of the most powerful magicians can pass through it.
He ran through the field at incredible speed even Usain Bolt would be scared of but of course who asked that loser...
He entered the mini Dojo that had been built for the group who were preparing to train for the entrance to the field.
he used his Necromancing to open the door he realised the Fire was out in the Relaxation room he used his Elemental abilities to light it.
Darkshire had never hit the Surge, which is puberty for Magicians.
He blasted into Kallista's room
"The mist... Its weakening were ready." Darkshire said already Equipping his Weaponry
"Ok round up the others we will head to the field now and don't forget you 'Pets'" She ordered to Darkshire
after huddling up Nicollete, Bridget, Necros and All the others he ran out the front Kallista already Making torches to destroy the Mist.
"Got your 'Pets'?" She asked Immediately Darkshire whistled a Pack of beastts came out of the floor 
"Good Lets go!" Necros said getting excited
They sprinted into the bush well not all of them Skylara was Galloping they stopped at the field only to find a pack of people there too and they werent Friendly oh no they turned arund and 3 men and many other Hollow men a Bandaged mummy and men with swords and shield turned around there stood 3 of the most powerful People
Nefarian Serpine, Baron Vengenous And Lord Vile
"Oh My Ancients!" Screamed Skylara