Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Labryninth of Doom

As they woke up in a cell Bridget glared around frantically Kallista stood up she noticed no one but the group was in the cell Darkshire Was outside the cell Necros was trying to Force the door open Lillivale tried to pick the lock.
Lillivale whipped some sludge around and before he could transform it Necros Whipped some energy with it combined it slammed on the door and broke it down Everyone awoke Immediately darkshire remained asleep There was a river in the room running down the cave into a pitch black cave.
Lillivale stared at a pebble he flicked it up in mid air "Knurl! Stenr!" The rock immediately change into a large Canoe
"What did you do?" Asked Leo fiddling with some Iron on the floor
"Its an ancient language magic can be used with it, I found some sort of translater in Hell."
"Mind the language!" Kallista yelled
"No literally in hell" Lillivale Retorted Already in The canoe he picked up some more stones he Got some Twigs and said "Vondr! Stenr!" The Twigs grew into Oars and they all hopped in.As they Rowed Down the stream There was a whisp of darkness appearing from the water Raising from the Darkness was a Girl.
The girl was beatiful the man gaped when they saw her.
Her eyes Dark green slightly tilted Like a cat Her hair Black As night her body was well built she had a belt With two sheaths and a clip that held a bow and arrow
Lillivale Stared Unimpressed he didnt fancy women His brother who Had died from the wrath of lord vile had married the most beautiful woman who he adored since she died he had never fancied a woman though he did like how she was built, For fighting.
Her eyes opened and She Staggered and fell in the canoe it didnt fit so Lillivale shouted again "Knurl! Stenr!"
The boat extended and she fit in The boat started shaking violently
"Waterfall Ho!" Shouted Kallista
the boat rocked Violently Lillivale repeated the words "Knurl! Stenr!" the boat grew to a giant capsule with a see-through window in the front it fell down and it bounced around
"Knurl! Stenr!" The boat Changed to a bunch of stones
"Vondr Stenr!" The Oars changed into some logs
Leo Started a fire while revealing a metal golem it walked around for a while then came back and shrunk.
The Fire burned The golem, Somehow had caught some meat htey ate it and chatted
"What do we do now? asked Bridget
before anyone could answer there was a small crash and a sound "Hmmm weve gotten closer..."
thats all they could here They knew who the voice was Darkshires
"Great Not only do they have The weapon of The first necromancer They have a advantage over us!" Cried Nicollete
"Now how do suspect us do beat them?!" Asked Leo
"We will see...." Kallista Said graciously


  1. EPIC! im glad someone else is using golems, there really cool

  2. Awesome, Donkey! I'm glad to see you back! Have not heard from you in a while! Hope all is well!
    Great stroy and keep up the writing!