Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Field Of Darkness


Darkshire stared through the heavy mist of the field, Looking weaker than usual
This Field contains the weapon of the first necromancer but of course the field is a massive maze shrouded by a heavy mist only one of the most powerful magicians can pass through it.
He ran through the field at incredible speed even Usain Bolt would be scared of but of course who asked that loser...
He entered the mini Dojo that had been built for the group who were preparing to train for the entrance to the field.
he used his Necromancing to open the door he realised the Fire was out in the Relaxation room he used his Elemental abilities to light it.
Darkshire had never hit the Surge, which is puberty for Magicians.
He blasted into Kallista's room
"The mist... Its weakening were ready." Darkshire said already Equipping his Weaponry
"Ok round up the others we will head to the field now and don't forget you 'Pets'" She ordered to Darkshire
after huddling up Nicollete, Bridget, Necros and All the others he ran out the front Kallista already Making torches to destroy the Mist.
"Got your 'Pets'?" She asked Immediately Darkshire whistled a Pack of beastts came out of the floor 
"Good Lets go!" Necros said getting excited
They sprinted into the bush well not all of them Skylara was Galloping they stopped at the field only to find a pack of people there too and they werent Friendly oh no they turned arund and 3 men and many other Hollow men a Bandaged mummy and men with swords and shield turned around there stood 3 of the most powerful People
Nefarian Serpine, Baron Vengenous And Lord Vile
"Oh My Ancients!" Screamed Skylara


  1. Awsome Donkey Shooter, I'll read the one's before it so I get the story, but this one as a whole is awsome!

  2. Oooooooooooh.....the Deadly Three! All together in the same room! This story keeps on getting better and better!
    Thanks for posting this, Donkey! It's been awhile!
    I read what you had written, about your family and things like that. I wish there were magic words that I could say to make things easier for you.
    I hope you hang in there, Donkey and that life will become easier for you. I haven't known you for long but already I see that you are a talented and good person. You are very gifted and I hope that there is someone out there where you live who can help you achieve your dreams. Maybe a trusted school teacher or someone like that!
    Sorry for
    I'll stop now! :D

  3. first its next top a field not a room second thank you and hird this is completely diff so you dont neeed to read the pat ones