Saturday, December 11, 2010

The End

Kallista ran foward bolting towards the room kalliope was in kalliope appeared to be distracted by another person, Just then the door slammed shut Kallista turned to the Midnight black haired woman standing next to Lillivale, unlike last time her hair was copper and shining like a penny.
"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Roared Kallista screaming at the woman
"Well first of all I'm Coppernight Everchange  nice to meet you and second of all thats the kiln of souls they suck people in with images to force them in, so theoretically I saved your life well soul actually." Coppernight said calmly.
Kallista, more enraged then ever through a whole ray of fire at her to be stopped by Lillivale sticking out a hand and stopping the flame.
"Watch out!" Screamed a voice followed by a clanging of armour on the floor
Stood in front of the armour was a man with hair like polished wood and a fist covered with metal and gems sprouting out of his back which, shrank back down soon after.
Coppernight ran forward and kissed him passionately* the man kissed back
"Knurlgem!" Lillivale screamed they exchanged gretting and shook hands.
but before he could be introduced a bolt of lightning whipped out.
"You think it was over?!" screamed Baron next to Dantea and Nefarian
"Oh damn!" Complained Kallista completely everted from the earlier argument
"Thanks to you we came up with a new plan, we would come here and summon our master again" he smirked Nefarian
Knurlgem then grew massive gems on his back and his hands grew into gems he then sliced at the cloud which deteriated shortly after
The heat of hell made it easy to use fire so it was thrown in large rays, Copperchange pulled out her bow and fired arrows,
Baron and his team, realising that they were swamped left short after.
Lillivales hands turned a stone into a sword and changed it back "Lets go." He said and ran off at such speed no man could be equivalent of except one, Necros.
As they ran foward a large light was sprouting p in the horizon "What on earth is that?" Queried Dragona
"Well first of all what on hell is that, second of all a summoning sigil bringing something back to life" said Knurlgem struggling to keep up.
when they reached the building the light was sourced they were surpised, it was a large ruin with stones circling a altar in the middle a corpse of one man, Lord Vile.
They circled around the altar and on the count of 3 ran inside it.
"What are you doing here!" screamed Dantea
"We are here to destroy ou your friedns your master from destroying this world so i can hit necros in the training arena again." Replied Lillivale
"hey!" Necros said angrily
Though their arguments where short lived swords clashed and blood flew.
Skylara turned into a wolf and bit Baron on the shoulder who ran in fear.
Kallista drove her sword through Danteas arm who dissapeared shortly after.
Bridget whipped Nefarian in the face twice who ran away too.
After returning from hell to earth they arrived at their old warehouse, set up near Kenspeckle's place.