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Part 2 Ep 2

(Author's note:i have decided to name this episode The Artic Battle)
Casanova Glared Past the window Snow falling down slowly.
He remembered  the days he and his family had spent in the snow he stood up and walked towards the training room downstairs necros was beating some fake monster that was created by Kenspeckle's system.
It had been 2 years since he joined the magical community and he was stronger than ever.
Now he was able to flame his asteroids and he was also O.K against necros A couple of months ago Lillivale Diamondsnipe had died he was on a seperate mission with Skulduggery and was not there to help.
He sat in one of the viewing chairs for the training rooms and watched till Necros finished.
He then rided down on one of the Asteroids he could create and thrashed it on the ground it exploded into pieces killing everything in the room except Necros who shielded himself with some energy of his.
"Hey watch it Casanova!" Necros yelled A bit shocked
"What Ya' Chicken?" Casanova said Mockingly
"I'm  not! You could of killed me though."Necros explained Abused
"Well wanna' do a round of monsters your choice he put everything on here he even Lord o' Vile!" Casanova Chirped
"Fine how about...A round of  Hollow Men?" Necros asked scrolling through the list of monsters Kenspeckle put on the list
"Fine by me." Answered Casanova
They fought through many Hollow men and the room stank from Hollow Men gas the holograms Kenspeckle made were so Realistic they mimiced every detail and when you go in there if you get hit by the holograms you dont get hurt you just cant damage the monster but this never happened
"Oh my gosh who let one rip!?" Kallista asked covering her nose
"Sorry guys we were fighting Hollow Men." Casanova said as the holographic body damage dissapeared
"Well next time Warn us!" Jodi Harte said holding her nose
Just then Someone burst into the room "We need your help in the Artic NOW!" The man said, Spraying them with some sort of Snow Freezing them all.

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The Field of Darkness Auditions!

I am starting a new story  it will be related to a skullduggery pleasant fan fic. Im going to incoporate it in with  Just post your characters bio in the comments fto get in though only a few spots so hurry!

Casanova Starstriker

Peeps have asked for a bio so here it is
NAME:Casanova Starstriker
HEIGHT:umm i dunno tall for his age
PERSONALITY:Funny witty Sometimes bratty also helpful to friends
WEARS:Leather Jacket and long jeans and under the jacket a shirt
NATIONALITY AND ACCENT:he was born Scottish and has a thick accent
HISTORY:He found out he and his brother  had powers at the age of 12 and kept it secret 2 years later his family were killed by some sort of monster all he has left from his brother is his flaming sword 
FAMILY:None all were killed
POWERS:Summons Meteors Comets Asteroids Meteorites Etc. Etc.
FAVORITE WEAPONS:He carries a few swords thats all and a couple of throwing knives and his brothers sword that has beeen enchanted into fire
OTHER SKILLS:Super speed and the ability to turn into any type of the things he can summon and also the ability to transform into a 22 year old and food crtiteria
FRIENDS:Kallista Pendragon,Necros,Skylara Wolfbane, you get the point there
ENEMY'S:Anyone against his friends & anyone who wants him in a home. 
HATES:Bad food anyone of  in the enemy's  section
LIKES:Good food nice people and his friends
ADDRESS:He dosnt live anywhere he just crashes at other peoples place
JOB:Works with his friends
MODE OF TRANSPORTATION:Motorcycle or other peoples cars
NEVER SEEN WITHOUT:His brothers fire sword
DESCRIPTION:Doant a whole bio do that come on!
IN SIX WORDS:Fierce and a good food critic

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Part 1 Ep 2

Casanova stared into the distance he never knew that people could hold these powers or was he the only one?
He went on his motor cycle, of course he wasnt what was that beast that had killed his familyy then and what was that policeman that threw fireballs just to get him in a home.
He didnt want to be in a home he was 14 he did not need to be in a home he wanted to be alone not in a home.
he went down to the woods where his parents had been killed 6 months ago while camping the blood smeared tents the graves with a headstone of wood he sat next to the graves there was a shuffling of footsteps he knew it was another police officer after him this one was a burly one but he knew him well it was the officer that put the killer away obviously he was here to put him in a home too
"We can help you Casanova we dont want to hurt you" he said.
 Just then a girl dropped down fom a tree along with a strong man and another girl the girl at the front came up and spoke first.
"We will be taking this boy sir and picked him up and put him the mans shoulder the man ran the girl who by eavesdropping was called Kallista and was speaking to Skylara Wolfbane strange "My names Necors you?" Necros asked him still running "im Casanova Starstriker i can make meteorites meteors asteroids and Comets" Casanova Answered.

Episode 2!

for those who just finishedd reading episode 1 part 12 that is the last part of episode 1 episode 2 shall be out soon for now adieus

Part 12

Lord Vile Sent out streaks of darkness a wall of energy was created by Necros the Nercomancing magic broke this they all dived towards him Lillivale pulled out two swords and swung them at him continuosly the portal strenthened  Leo Sparks shot lightning at the cloud dantea sat on which dissapated she stood up and summoned some metal golems which were controlled by Leos eltrcitgy and fought with him not against the portal grew stronger and stronger widening with every second there wasnt much time till it swallowed the room or worse started releasing the dead which wouldnt be pleasant. swords clashed Leo kept fighting he sent a field of eletricity on her the swords she carried and the metal on her belt was flung away with her she flew away on her cloud but lord vile was still fighting and so was danteas minions All but lillivale was fighting the minions Lillivale was fighting Lord Vile he swung his sword and hooked onto Lord Vile's belt and threw him into the portal he gripped onto the sword wwith all his might. Kallista Pendragon fought a wave of them there were only a few left once they were all killed Kallisra ran towards Lillivale but was stopped by some dead she chucked them into the portal but it was too late lillivale pulled once more but was tuggged into the portal with Lord Vile the portal then shrunk and enclosed leaving Kallista patting the ground.

The cemetry was empty apart from those sorceres and sorceress'  Standing in front of the grave of Lillivale Diamondsnipe. after the funeral they went to the Warehouse next to the Hiberian were they had a hideout from there on in Skylara Wolfbane was waiting near a window where rain pattered down "Why did he have to die..." Skylara said sadly "he died bacause he had too we will alway remember him" Lillivales socialist said "ok everyone sit down please i have the Will right here" Lillivales Socialist announced and read the will....
The final testament of Lillivale Diamondsnipe
Dear friends and.... well i have no family so.. there was a small giggle around the room
For Necros
all those arguments we had about who was more powergul and who was better lead to this personally i still think im better but with this i enclose the following:A Shape shifters sword that has the ability to change things hopefully this may actually equalize to me
For Kallista Pendragon
for all those great times together i enclose my motorcycle and my house my socialist knows the adress ask him.
For Leo sparks
i enclose many many pieces of metal and a metal golem which i made which you could control
For the rest of you
i enclose a piece of my money for you each which is roughly what 500,000 dollars
they all left after that except the people who were left things personally from lillivale and skylara skylara stayed there the rest sat down somewhere else talking
and i have asked for my socialist to do this privately.
For Skylara Wolfbane
The only shapeshifter i have ever met but me i enclose a part of me literally a part of me this gunk inside tis vase is me a small version of me it can turn into anything and transform anything just like me, i hope it helps you along the line.

Part 11

As Lillivale landed they were all there waiting Kallista ran up "did you get her?" she asked immediatly "no but i know where she is and she wasn't alone" Lillivale said walking towards the Warehouse they went towards the warehouse "OK i found out what there doing they have lord vile and i think they are trying to open the portals inbetween life and death we need to get to that island." Lillivale explained to the lot of them
"I can get us there." Skylara said out of nowhere already shapeshifting into a Gigantic bird they hopped onto ech wing and lillivale wwent on the neck and navigated Skylara, Lillivale made a few belts out of some wood and strapped them onto the bird they stayyed on and then Skylara took off  Lillivale toldher where to go they then hit some turbulence and thick fog then some sort of monster came out it was purple and it had giant spikes coming up which swerved where the bird went Lillivale flung throwing knives from his back at them but they kept bouncing off "Full speed ahead!" Yelled Kallista Skylara responding straight away the thick fog dissapeared and they flew quickly then a island appeared with a large building on it was there they landed "Stay silent." Whispered Kallista They hid behind the rocks a Large buff man just passed by a fist then flew out which belonged to Jodi Harte "What? It was necessary." She said Quietly. They Sneaked along past everything they went inside the building but it was covered with cameras Lillivale used his sludge to destroy the system They crept along to a laser System Which was taken out by using mirrors taken from a near by bath room. they crept along and stopped behind a corner right near a door in there was Dantea Dredkin & Lord Vile.
They were standing in front of a portal which grew and grew then Lord Vile looked over and saw them all he "GET THEM!" he yelled "Oh great!" Yelled Kallista

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Part 10

Leo Sparks than ran in and zapped dantea but it missed dantea was on top of a clud of darkness lillivale shapeshifted a table into a golem which swung at the vampires that she had just summoned along with some werewolves and trolls just then Willovine Forkbranch came in and his vines grappled onto many vampires which encased them all when it was opened nothing was in there but dust but there wasnt enough Sorcerer's and Sorceress' to guard the sanctuary Lillivale was transforming as many things possible so he didn't have to fight and put stress on his damaged muscle then Leonel Hurricane came in and a tornado tore through the sanctuary sucking up everything that attacked People helping the sanctuary "I will return this is not the ned of the great dantea dredkin!" Dantea Shouted then flew out on her cloud They chased after her and Lillivale made a small plane which flew after her he flew as far as possible and didn't stop as he followed her he saw a island it was flooded with small people in which the landing of dantea they screamed and crowded around her just then he could see a man with armour on on the island black stuff was coming out of the armour at that very moment he turned around and flew as fast as he could back It was Lord Vile... this was not good at all.

Part 9

Lillivale lied on the bed next to many medical things the bullet had hit him in the upper torso as he awoke  he saw the whole group that had been made lying in the room the only one awake was Skylara right near the window where the rain fell he lyed there having trouble breathing but still awake he had just awoken after a bullet had penetrated his chest and this was a extreme danger for him as a shapeshifter's skin was incredibly thin so they could change easily making them incredibly vulnerable to bullets.
Skylara turned around and noticed Lillivale awake she turned towards him and came over.
"You took a bullet for me..." She said confused
"What better me than you." Lillivale replied weakly
"Yes well...No i dont mean that"Skylara said again confused, Lillivale laughed a bit then coughed madly
"It's nothing to laugh about the chances of a shapeshifter surviving is low very low and you dive out of nowhere and basically kill yourself !" Skylara yelled very angry with Lillivale
"Well I'm well over 500 and your what 109 I just look like a 24 year old because of the prison it sealed my age of course you would rather you die than me which i dont understand because this whole time you've been sarcastic and annoying to me and now right now you're being nice why now?!" Lillivale yelled
Waking Necros who walked outside and noticed the vending machine and running towards the vending maqchine then Kallista woke up a little confused like she had just been in a dream that she thought that magic wasn't real which happens often for the first few years knowing magic of course this was just the start to her dreams
"Well you took a bullet for me if i was mean to you i'd look like a ass." She whispered angrily
Just then a doctor came in and told lillivale that he was free to go but was in a critical condition and try not to fight at that very moment a loud bang came from the door to the sanctuary they ran there and there was someone they yelled "i am dantea dredkin!" "oh well this is just perfect isn't it?!" Lillivale yelled

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Part 8

Skylara arrived and there they were florence out cold in the warehouse and lillivale using a sword to fend them off when they arrived a man stared at skylara and pulled out a gun lillivale killed all the vampires in his way just to notice a man with a gun aiming at skylara when which he jumped in front of skylara the bullet knocking him out cold skylara just stood there shell shocked leo sparks then killed the man who fell to the floor in dust necros manipulated his energy and used it to make a sword and kill all remaining enemies skylara still standing there shellshocked while everyone else was so tired from fighting or knocked out or moving those who were knocked out skylara then went to the car and sat there and fell asleep when she woke up they were in front of the sanctuary she picked up lillivale and ran to the adminastrator who opened the door she ran into the medical precinct and showed lillivale to the doctors who then put him in a bed.

Part 7.2

Skylara sat in The car as darkane drived it they were heading towards melbourne's coast they stopped and went out they headed towards a fishing store but it was closed then they headed towards the dock there were crates being lifted everywhere they headed towards a room it was filed with craes in which they saw a bunch of boooks stacking up then a fleet of golems pooped out pf the ground but this time they were metal ones not rock ones so they were left surrounded by golems darkane threw a fire ball at one and some of the metal melted then it headed towards darkane and hit her and then threw molten metal and it encased her and she was there like a statue many other golems then fought but skylara then tripped them all and they were all smelted into a group of swords "ok lets go" sarthacus said impatiently "no we need to get darkane then read those books." Evangeline said then skylara flew down with darkane in her hand's "do you reckon darkane will live?" Skylara asked weepily "no im sorry." Sarthacus said weerily then the golemslowly woke up and grabbed mary hiashi and squezzed and mary hiashi exploded into yellow smoke then jodi harte ran up to it but then a portal opened up and she then backed away  "err well know we hyave got 2 less." bridget whiplash sakaid annoyed "well either way we have know got the following in our group: Jodi harte Evangeline crow Sarthacus bolt & me and also a metal version of darkane." skylara announced "i found the record here it is it says dantea dredkin left on the dominator 70 years ago and it never arrived where it was meant to which was america by the way it sunk right about here." yelled Sarthacus pointing at a map in the middle of the pacific "good job ill alert lillivale on the news" skylara said already on her phone "ok lillivale we found out she was on the dominator which sunk in the middle of the pacific 1749 died and 92 survived and theres a record here saying dantea survived but then was never seen again after the sinkage and also we lost mary hiashi and darkane claw there both dead well mary dissapeared into smoke and we think sh is dead like i said into smoke" skylara said through her phone there was a sign of struggle heard through the phone then followed by 3 sharp beeps and skylara put her phone away "there in trouble lets go" skylara said nervously

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Lillivale's bio

i thought lillivale needed a bio so i made a short one here it is (ill make it bigger later)
Age: 527 give or take a century
Looks:Blazing blonde hair muscular build up very tall ocean blue eyes if you look in you can see the ocean and when angry you can see a storm and his hair flows up
Height: (in ft) 6.7
Powers: shape shifter
Friends: about every good guy
Enemies: anyone who attacks him and/or Friends
History: will take too long so ill do it short
his brother died when he was young he promised do avenge his murdurer Lord vile which he did by trapping him away for 4 centuries. then was framed for murder and went in prison for 3 centuries.
Personality: usually supportive and helpful but when angry he will kill anything in his way
wears: Tattered short sleeve t-shirt and tattered 3 quartered pants
Weapons:Has a block of steel and a bamboo stick which he can shape shift into anything and also has some throwing knives
Transport: himself or other peoples vehicles he also has a motor bike just in case
In five words:Fierce With Many Chocolate Cakes

Fan Fiction Part 7.1

"ok know that the groups are organised we will chosse which group does which." Lillivale announced "ok me and my group shall go and investigate this person that is attacking the sanc-" lillivale said only to be interupted by the grand mage's assistant "we know the attacker Sir... it is Dantea Dredkin." The assistant said nervously "ok thank you." the grand mage said quietly "change of plan we are now going to have 2 groups ok?" lillivale said "ok stufff groups we will just walk out 1 of the 2 doors and there are our groups and it will be a suprise got it?" Skylara Wolfbane said a little grumpy that she wasnt the only shapeshifter "fine!" he said grumpily  and they walked out two different doors
"ok who is in this group?" lillivale questioned "me!" Necros said from somewhere in the crowd "me" leo sparks said "me!" Dragona pine said from somewhere "me!" Nicollete Croga said "me!" Florence said
"ok i can see the rest of you me and skylara have decided that my group would hunt down Dantea Dredkin and she would get research and find things out but of course we are both gonna suffer quite a beating, now lets go to china sorrow's libarary." lillivale said "we will go in my car though lillival gonna have to be something else though i dont have enough seats." florence said "fine by me" lillivale said  already halfway through turning into a husky. "Dantea Dredkin? i know her she used to work for the american sanctuary she went bad she was last seen in the pacific riding a boat." China sorrows explained to the pack "thank you" both lillivale and skylara said then stared at eachother and walked away "ok lets go to the sydney they might have a record of boat's and who was on them so that shall save us some decent time anyway."
When they reached the harbour they headed towards a warehouse it was dark and eerie "Hello, anyone here?" Leo shouted he then sent out a bolt of eletricity to check if there as any nerve waves becide them a newly found skill "nup no one here." he said "good lets check if there are any re-" he was interupted by a pack of vampires rising from the ground "oh isn't this great?" Nicollete said sarcastically

The Enemy's Point of view.

Somewhere in the Pacific
"I am going to dominate the world minions!" Dantea Dredkin said to the crowd of minions they then roared out "Silence!" She yelled the crowd then Silenced completly "this is my plan, We shall kill a mass of Sorcerer's which all this death shall attract Lord Vile and he will open the gates from death and life i shall then form a death army and control the world with Lord Vile! Now...Our plan lays in the hand's of the mass of death getting to Lord Vile of course the more powerful they are the bigger signal they will send. So i have found some of the most powerful sorcerers in the world and i plan to kill them 1 by 1 to send out strong signals often this will attract lord vile here, now... i need all you to help me you shall help me kill them." Dantea Explained
"Thus we will own the world!" She finished and the crowd roared, she walked to her office and called her assistant "This is the start to something big...." she said to herself

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fan fiction 6

The fruit fell and... a huge golem came out a human made of stone "thats what you were fighting..."Deathfield sighed just then bridget whiplash woke up and whipped the golem and sliced right through it and kallista threw water at it and it went down to mud then they all threw fire at the mud evaporating the water then they used air to move it to the side "ok you still have a few more fruits" the grand mage said exhausted " she pointed at one more and Jodi Harte came out a bit shocked but then realized everyone else has experienced the same thing then she pointed to another fruit and it fell and isreal elysium came came out with the same realization as jodi and walked to the crowd then out of nowhere vines popped out of the ground swallowing Valkyrie, Tanith, Ghastly & Skullduggery " What! they were needed in Ireland anyway." Willovine said a bit shocked at everyones anger to him. She pointed at the next fruit aand mary hiashi came out and same as the last 2 and just walked to the crowd then the next fruit and a mango fell down and lillivale grabbed it and ate it
"ok we will split into groups to find them.." lillivale said "ok well we will split into groups ill be in 1 group Kallista in another Necros in the 3rd and Skylara in the 4th..."
You will be filed into groups when you tell me in Derek Landy's blog all whoo read this know where that is so yer please hurry if you want part 7 then they get titles!

Fan fiction 5

As the vines encased them a vine whipped out of his chest dug into the ground and dragged them down they sunk down down and down he burrowed through everything until he burrowed up in australia he encased the pod in his chest and walked out of the warehouse into thhe thriving city of melbourne he walked towards the a tram and rode down to lygon street he moved into the cafe and went to the basement "hi  Sir Willovine Forkbranch i believe you have a appointment with Grand Mage  Leonel Hurricane" the Adminastrator  said in a robotic voice "yes i do thank you" the door opened and he walked into the Australian Sanctuary he moved towards the grand mage's Office when he got in he closed the door "im here" Willowvine said shocking the Grand Mage "do you have the umm...Helpers" Grand Mage Leonel said Quietly "Yes" whispered Willowvine as he removed the pod from his chest unravveling it the large office was filled with a angry mob of sorcerer's "ok what are you guys doing!" Yelled Kallista angrily "yer what is this!" skyril yelled "Ok Ok let me explain!" Yelled The Grand Mage "We need you all to help us, for the past few months the Australia Sanctuary has been under attack by many things and we need all your help to find out who-!"The grand mage continued Then out of nowhere a tree sprouted up followed by a man "Oh hello Oakvine" he said  "I found Them" This oakvine man said "oh and i am Oakvine Forkbranch he then pointed a finger at the tree which it then shrunk down and dissapeared and Ghastly, Skulduggery' Tanith & Valkyrie appeared then a boy appeared followed by a bush "i only found one person" The boy said "Cherrybush Forkbranch...Please tell me it was someone good?" The grand mage said annoyed Cherrybush shrunk the bush which turned into bridget whiplash who then angrily oulled out her whip then fell to the ground with a needle in her neck everyone stared at lillivale "i did what i had to when she wakes up she will be fine." lillivale said with a smug smile on his face "ok we need to find out who is organising this so we are finding People to help us." he explained "thank you for finally explaining it to us" Kallista said confused  then a crop appeared out of nowhere then followed by a girl "it is I... The great Deathfield Forkbranch!" the girl said so dramatically "stop being so dramatic Deathfield... Know harvest the people!" the grand mage said annoyed. Deathfield then pointed at one bush a black fruit fell down and Evangeline Crow sprouted out she pointed at the next which fell and Dragona Pine sprouted then she pointed at the next which the fruit fell and...

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Fan fiction part 4

After everyone got over being shocked lillivale turned into his human form and walked up to valkyrie "Valkyrie Cain?" Lillivale asked  "Yes" Valkyrie said "or shall i say Stepahnie Edgly." Lillivale whispered "how do you know my name?!" yelled valkyrie shocked "im your ancestor." lillivale whipered and then walked away only to realise dusk diving towards him lillivale turned into a stone and dusk ran right into him then hell broke loose they were all fighting and this time it was as fast as lightning conor turned into a monster with hige teeth sparking everywhere from its mouth and its hole body was a worm and black wings. he then attacked Billy-Ray and sent him out the Midnight hptel then moved to tanith shrunk so small and went in her soul and grappled onto the remnant there he shredded it and it flew out he went out and the remant dived towards him it went towards him but he grabbed a table and slime slithered out of his sleeve and turned the table into a soul catcher and caught the remnant  that left dusk out of no where a wolf appeared which then turned into a girl skylara wolfbane and then a man came out of nowhere appeared his name Necros then a girl named florence came in and dived towards dusk he then suddenly shrivelled up and died "how how did you do that?" nicollete croga asked "i can turn vampires into humans but this must be an exception, he must of been vampire for too long and his body wouldnt except him and he..." florence explained "umm went rotten?" lillivale said still staring at dusk  then out of nowhere a boy dived through the only remaining window which hadnt been dived through it was leo sparks "too late leo though you did get the last window" necros said sarcastically "what about that one and that one..." leo sparks said pointing at the windows "lillivale's making them." necros pointed out just as lillivale sapped himself from the window that leo broke "okay dokey lets go." lillivale said as he finished sapping up the dead bodies scattered on the floor suddenly tanith low woke up "wha- what happened" suddenly everyone saw a figure diving towards the window until the midnight hotel sunk into the ground "first things first tanith a remnant got to you second  thank god someone didnt dive through that window it was becoming a cliche it was probably Billy-ray anyway so who cares." commented lillivale happily "ok gang were off" skulduggery pleasant said suddenly valkyrie, tanith & ghastly  allls tood up and valkyrie went on her phone and said midnight hotel then fletcher rennn appeared out of nowhere and they all held ands and dissapeared. "well what a day that was..." necros said slightly confused "ok where too next?" Kallista said "well im not sure i think this mystery is fina-" skylara wolfbane was interupted by a man crashing through the door and his arms opened up revealing vines which encased them.

Fan fiction 3

they were all already throwing flames except lillivale for his shape shifting abilties he turned into a very confusing animal that had a lillivale diamond snipe head snakes wear his hands were meant to be stone arms wings sprouting out his back  and 4 legs and horns made out of flames a bit confusing yes but he had been working on sprites for ages this was one of his best. "I'll guard the remnants door!" Darkane yelled over all the bashing and lillivale stepping on things. out of nowhere a group of non-posesed sorcere's came down and helped "thanks for helping we need all we can get!" yelled nicollete. one threw a fireball at lillivale "hey im on your side my appearance may be frightning!" lillivale then turned into his orignal form  "but i am fast as lightning!" turning into a cloud of lightning suddenly a small chinese tune comes out of the radio "oh how corny is this!" yelled Sarthacus out of nowhere the gist appeared wiping out all remnants "why thank you Anton" Skyril said happily  "yes well say sorry to look at my hotel!"Anton Shudder said angrily "oh that is not a problem." Lillivale said out of nowhere as he had cleaned up the whole place
"Well i am darlin." Billy ray said tired from using his powers "Dang it not you." Nicollete said annoyed, again something frightning happened "And me!" Springheeled jack yelled has he crashed through the window "and me!" Dusk said as he smahed through the door "who next" sighed Skyril "Me!" said a womans voice and then we found out "It's me!" said tanith low Shortly followed by "oh no you dont!" and then skullduggery pleasant landed on top of her pinning her down "careful on my gal!" Billy ray said "shes my girl your girl is a remnant" Ghastly said walking through the door "well everyone else is here i might come too" Skylara wolfbane said walking through the door  "And me!" then valkyrie cain walked through the door. The room was filled with shocked people then none was sure what to say everyone was sure valkyrie cain had been killed after that Lillivale turned into dog food.

Fan fiction 2

After a few minutes of bashing and throwing flames out of nowhere skyril and kallista pendragon appearred out of nowhere "ok hellboy who put them in the room?" Darkane said "ahh let me answer that" skyril interupted "Anton shudder." she continued. "ok to the Midnight hotel." Sarthacus bolt said impatiently. "problem, none of us have a form of transport seeing as we were all drugged and Donkey has been in jail for a while..." kallista explained  "Ummm... i have that covered." said donkey already half way through turning into a car "oh and dont call me donke for god sake its a nickname. my real taken name is Lillivale Diamondsnipe" Lillivale said angrily.
After arriving at the Midnight hotel Lillivale moved right towards Anton "Anton Shudder i believe?" Lillivale asked. "Yes why are you asking anyway?" Queried Anton. "We are here to warn you about the remn-" Skyril was interupted by a massive BANG! From the door it was knocked down by a black lipped sorcerer and many other accomplices. "well lets get this party started!" Yelled Lillivale

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fan fiction 1

Donkey stared through the bars of the cell finally after 300 years still in his 24 year olds body  he was framed he never ever murdured anyone anyway that was'nt a problem anymore now he could get out and shape shift again he missed it just turning him self as small as he wanted or as big the proble was as much as he tried when he walked out he could not turn his body into anything but then as he walked out of the sanctuary he realised he was in roarhaven then he remembered the events that had occured the desolation engine's  path of destruction had merely missed him thats why he blessed the cleavers for puting him in the back cell strolling out he moved out of roarhaven then shifted into a eagle and flew far away. he shifted into a pigeon and stopped on the edge of the haggard house his greaat great gre- you get the point gandaugter Stephanienie edgley had die apparently and there were few people he wanted to kill this person was one of them then all of the sudden a rock hit him he realised it was some imbecile boys chucking rocks at him he flew down to the floor turned into a vampire and well judging by the teeth it scared them away well that and the fact a pigeonm had turned into something off twilight he then saw a apack of people walking by they were sorcer;s and sorceress' he knew them but not by a relationship off rumors they were darkane claw nicolette croga Hellboy and sarthacus bolt he turned into a fly and flew right into hellboys bag stephanie didnt matter much anyway he would get revenge later he noticed it wasnt darkan just a bo they walked to a house and flew in darkane was playing the drums he didnt bother to the conversation just layed there  the next time he looked out there were possesed there whoch happened to be hellboys friends which drugged him when he fell down he was quite un happy because he got squashed but either way he crawled out and got knocked out and transfromed into the scenery around him then when he woke up he saw 4 possesed sorceres then a door close he slithered out the door  and they still did not notice well why would they he was completely invisible then he noticed darkeane out of his cell and ready to help them fight he sapped him self out of the ground into himselfo and turnwed his hand metal hard and cracked his knuckles shocking eveery possesed and non possesed person in the room to find donkey there.