Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 1 Ep 2

Casanova stared into the distance he never knew that people could hold these powers or was he the only one?
He went on his motor cycle, of course he wasnt what was that beast that had killed his familyy then and what was that policeman that threw fireballs just to get him in a home.
He didnt want to be in a home he was 14 he did not need to be in a home he wanted to be alone not in a home.
he went down to the woods where his parents had been killed 6 months ago while camping the blood smeared tents the graves with a headstone of wood he sat next to the graves there was a shuffling of footsteps he knew it was another police officer after him this one was a burly one but he knew him well it was the officer that put the killer away obviously he was here to put him in a home too
"We can help you Casanova we dont want to hurt you" he said.
 Just then a girl dropped down fom a tree along with a strong man and another girl the girl at the front came up and spoke first.
"We will be taking this boy sir and picked him up and put him the mans shoulder the man ran the girl who by eavesdropping was called Kallista and was speaking to Skylara Wolfbane strange "My names Necors you?" Necros asked him still running "im Casanova Starstriker i can make meteorites meteors asteroids and Comets" Casanova Answered.

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  1. Casanova! Love that name! Great story, donkey! Can't wait to hear more! :)