Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fan fiction 2

After a few minutes of bashing and throwing flames out of nowhere skyril and kallista pendragon appearred out of nowhere "ok hellboy who put them in the room?" Darkane said "ahh let me answer that" skyril interupted "Anton shudder." she continued. "ok to the Midnight hotel." Sarthacus bolt said impatiently. "problem, none of us have a form of transport seeing as we were all drugged and Donkey has been in jail for a while..." kallista explained  "Ummm... i have that covered." said donkey already half way through turning into a car "oh and dont call me donke for god sake its a nickname. my real taken name is Lillivale Diamondsnipe" Lillivale said angrily.
After arriving at the Midnight hotel Lillivale moved right towards Anton "Anton Shudder i believe?" Lillivale asked. "Yes why are you asking anyway?" Queried Anton. "We are here to warn you about the remn-" Skyril was interupted by a massive BANG! From the door it was knocked down by a black lipped sorcerer and many other accomplices. "well lets get this party started!" Yelled Lillivale

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  1. YEAH! Let's get the party started! I Love it! Lol That's a cool name by the way. Lillivale Diamondsnipe. I like it! :)