Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 11

As Lillivale landed they were all there waiting Kallista ran up "did you get her?" she asked immediatly "no but i know where she is and she wasn't alone" Lillivale said walking towards the Warehouse they went towards the warehouse "OK i found out what there doing they have lord vile and i think they are trying to open the portals inbetween life and death we need to get to that island." Lillivale explained to the lot of them
"I can get us there." Skylara said out of nowhere already shapeshifting into a Gigantic bird they hopped onto ech wing and lillivale wwent on the neck and navigated Skylara, Lillivale made a few belts out of some wood and strapped them onto the bird they stayyed on and then Skylara took off  Lillivale toldher where to go they then hit some turbulence and thick fog then some sort of monster came out it was purple and it had giant spikes coming up which swerved where the bird went Lillivale flung throwing knives from his back at them but they kept bouncing off "Full speed ahead!" Yelled Kallista Skylara responding straight away the thick fog dissapeared and they flew quickly then a island appeared with a large building on it was there they landed "Stay silent." Whispered Kallista They hid behind the rocks a Large buff man just passed by a fist then flew out which belonged to Jodi Harte "What? It was necessary." She said Quietly. They Sneaked along past everything they went inside the building but it was covered with cameras Lillivale used his sludge to destroy the system They crept along to a laser System Which was taken out by using mirrors taken from a near by bath room. they crept along and stopped behind a corner right near a door in there was Dantea Dredkin & Lord Vile.
They were standing in front of a portal which grew and grew then Lord Vile looked over and saw them all he "GET THEM!" he yelled "Oh great!" Yelled Kallista

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  1. Awesome! I just read the last several parts of your story, donkey! they were great! But you've left me hanging again! Lol What's going to happen? *anxiously waiting*