Sunday, September 26, 2010

Part 9

Lillivale lied on the bed next to many medical things the bullet had hit him in the upper torso as he awoke  he saw the whole group that had been made lying in the room the only one awake was Skylara right near the window where the rain fell he lyed there having trouble breathing but still awake he had just awoken after a bullet had penetrated his chest and this was a extreme danger for him as a shapeshifter's skin was incredibly thin so they could change easily making them incredibly vulnerable to bullets.
Skylara turned around and noticed Lillivale awake she turned towards him and came over.
"You took a bullet for me..." She said confused
"What better me than you." Lillivale replied weakly
"Yes well...No i dont mean that"Skylara said again confused, Lillivale laughed a bit then coughed madly
"It's nothing to laugh about the chances of a shapeshifter surviving is low very low and you dive out of nowhere and basically kill yourself !" Skylara yelled very angry with Lillivale
"Well I'm well over 500 and your what 109 I just look like a 24 year old because of the prison it sealed my age of course you would rather you die than me which i dont understand because this whole time you've been sarcastic and annoying to me and now right now you're being nice why now?!" Lillivale yelled
Waking Necros who walked outside and noticed the vending machine and running towards the vending maqchine then Kallista woke up a little confused like she had just been in a dream that she thought that magic wasn't real which happens often for the first few years knowing magic of course this was just the start to her dreams
"Well you took a bullet for me if i was mean to you i'd look like a ass." She whispered angrily
Just then a doctor came in and told lillivale that he was free to go but was in a critical condition and try not to fight at that very moment a loud bang came from the door to the sanctuary they ran there and there was someone they yelled "i am dantea dredkin!" "oh well this is just perfect isn't it?!" Lillivale yelled

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