Sunday, September 26, 2010

Part 10

Leo Sparks than ran in and zapped dantea but it missed dantea was on top of a clud of darkness lillivale shapeshifted a table into a golem which swung at the vampires that she had just summoned along with some werewolves and trolls just then Willovine Forkbranch came in and his vines grappled onto many vampires which encased them all when it was opened nothing was in there but dust but there wasnt enough Sorcerer's and Sorceress' to guard the sanctuary Lillivale was transforming as many things possible so he didn't have to fight and put stress on his damaged muscle then Leonel Hurricane came in and a tornado tore through the sanctuary sucking up everything that attacked People helping the sanctuary "I will return this is not the ned of the great dantea dredkin!" Dantea Shouted then flew out on her cloud They chased after her and Lillivale made a small plane which flew after her he flew as far as possible and didn't stop as he followed her he saw a island it was flooded with small people in which the landing of dantea they screamed and crowded around her just then he could see a man with armour on on the island black stuff was coming out of the armour at that very moment he turned around and flew as fast as he could back It was Lord Vile... this was not good at all.

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