Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fan fiction 5

As the vines encased them a vine whipped out of his chest dug into the ground and dragged them down they sunk down down and down he burrowed through everything until he burrowed up in australia he encased the pod in his chest and walked out of the warehouse into thhe thriving city of melbourne he walked towards the a tram and rode down to lygon street he moved into the cafe and went to the basement "hi  Sir Willovine Forkbranch i believe you have a appointment with Grand Mage  Leonel Hurricane" the Adminastrator  said in a robotic voice "yes i do thank you" the door opened and he walked into the Australian Sanctuary he moved towards the grand mage's Office when he got in he closed the door "im here" Willowvine said shocking the Grand Mage "do you have the umm...Helpers" Grand Mage Leonel said Quietly "Yes" whispered Willowvine as he removed the pod from his chest unravveling it the large office was filled with a angry mob of sorcerer's "ok what are you guys doing!" Yelled Kallista angrily "yer what is this!" skyril yelled "Ok Ok let me explain!" Yelled The Grand Mage "We need you all to help us, for the past few months the Australia Sanctuary has been under attack by many things and we need all your help to find out who-!"The grand mage continued Then out of nowhere a tree sprouted up followed by a man "Oh hello Oakvine" he said  "I found Them" This oakvine man said "oh and i am Oakvine Forkbranch he then pointed a finger at the tree which it then shrunk down and dissapeared and Ghastly, Skulduggery' Tanith & Valkyrie appeared then a boy appeared followed by a bush "i only found one person" The boy said "Cherrybush Forkbranch...Please tell me it was someone good?" The grand mage said annoyed Cherrybush shrunk the bush which turned into bridget whiplash who then angrily oulled out her whip then fell to the ground with a needle in her neck everyone stared at lillivale "i did what i had to when she wakes up she will be fine." lillivale said with a smug smile on his face "ok we need to find out who is organising this so we are finding People to help us." he explained "thank you for finally explaining it to us" Kallista said confused  then a crop appeared out of nowhere then followed by a girl "it is I... The great Deathfield Forkbranch!" the girl said so dramatically "stop being so dramatic Deathfield... Know harvest the people!" the grand mage said annoyed. Deathfield then pointed at one bush a black fruit fell down and Evangeline Crow sprouted out she pointed at the next which fell and Dragona Pine sprouted then she pointed at the next which the fruit fell and...


  1. Ill only ask for one thing, try to paragraph and use more full stops ;) - other than that its sweet :D

  2. wow love it!!!!!!
    but i do agree try and use more full stops. i went a little gozzy by the end of it ;)
    can't wait for more!

  3. Hahaha! Funny story, donkey! I like the action as well. :)

  4. thank you all geck girl thank you for following part 6 (is it?) will come out soon