Friday, September 24, 2010

Lillivale's bio

i thought lillivale needed a bio so i made a short one here it is (ill make it bigger later)
Age: 527 give or take a century
Looks:Blazing blonde hair muscular build up very tall ocean blue eyes if you look in you can see the ocean and when angry you can see a storm and his hair flows up
Height: (in ft) 6.7
Powers: shape shifter
Friends: about every good guy
Enemies: anyone who attacks him and/or Friends
History: will take too long so ill do it short
his brother died when he was young he promised do avenge his murdurer Lord vile which he did by trapping him away for 4 centuries. then was framed for murder and went in prison for 3 centuries.
Personality: usually supportive and helpful but when angry he will kill anything in his way
wears: Tattered short sleeve t-shirt and tattered 3 quartered pants
Weapons:Has a block of steel and a bamboo stick which he can shape shift into anything and also has some throwing knives
Transport: himself or other peoples vehicles he also has a motor bike just in case
In five words:Fierce With Many Chocolate Cakes


  1. Hey! you can post this bio on my blog i made so that other people can read it and maybe use them in there fanfics.

    p.s the bamboo stick is called a "bo" in karate

  2. ahhhh so lillivale. your power is also a seems i have some competition. first aquila and now you.....things are about to get interesting....

    lol seiously though great bio ;)

  3. hey i am making a new fan fic after thhis called the shape shifters guild and you're gonna be in it