Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hope (New Fan Fic!)

The cold of Winter was freezing the warehouse where a group of  Crime-fighting, slightly odd group of Magicians.
The Elementals Piled Fire onto the now Charred logs, Skylara Wolfbane, A shapeshifter, was switching to find the warmest animal, now looking like mixture between a Mole and A Fish.
Lillivale Diamondsnipe, also a shapeshifter,  was a green candle, flame flickering slowly.
They would be outside, doing something interesting, but the door was covered in snow, so thick they couldnt get out, it had been like this way for 6 days, they would of gotten out, but this was magically induced, or as they so believed.
At the very moment when Skylara Morpghed into a Wooly Sheepdog, A large Tendril of darkness Burst through the door, they all stood up Weaons held, except Skylara she seemed to not have noticed.
As the door fell down, A teenage Girl followed by a man in a Fancy suit, with Fire in his hands.
Skylara ran forward and jumped at his feet, still as a Sheepdog
"Skylara! Dont drool on those shoes, Ghastly just made them." Skulduggery Yelled at the Bewildered dog,
But before they could continue, the candle turned into a man with Longe blonde hair and sharp Blue-Green Eyes. "Strange, didnt know Ghastly made Prada." He said Casually to the Skeletal man.
"Shut It Mix and Match! or You'll end back in that cell." Skulduggery shouted.
"Falsely accused..." Lillivale muttered "Anyway, You dont have a reason but you might soon, but you wont be  the one arresting me, your little Teenage Sercretary will." Lillivale continued.
"Leave me out of it Shuffle!" Valkyrie yelled
"Fine, but tell knuckle face I wont be falsely accused soon!" Lillivale retorted
Right after he finished that sentence a ray of fire spilled out of his hands, and a Think green liquid out of Lillivales, but after a few seconds of the rays colliding and pushing, roots grew from the ground and rapped around them both. Pushing Lillivale to the ground and Skulduggery to the wall
"How come I always get the lower ground Kal?!" Lillivale asked, expecting Kallista's Handiwork
"Anyway, why are you here?" Niccolete and Florence asked at the exact same time.
"The Sanctuarys been Destroyed, all order has been destroyed, your all rogues now, a guide is coming to help you." Skulduggery annonced with a worried voice
"We dont need guidance, we need Answers!" Shouted Necros
There was a sudden groan of Relief as the roots around Skulduggery And Lillivale was released.
They were both about to thank  her, but she pushed through the crowd and ran to her motorbike, and sped off into the distance.                                                                                                                                    Just after her leaving, a woman with midnight black hair and a concerned  face walked through, sharp green eyes swerving in every direction.
"Whos this? Asked Bridget, Whip already in front of her.
"I'm Amanda Serious, your guide."
"And The sister of the man accused of killing the Skeleton Detective and his family." Lillivale finished for her.
"Hello, Sis." Lillivale finished.

This Fan fic is dedicated to Amanda, my older sister who died at the age of 17 of a car accident, may she rest in peace.
Amanda Siryj-Darith