Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hope (New Fan Fic!)

The cold of Winter was freezing the warehouse where a group of  Crime-fighting, slightly odd group of Magicians.
The Elementals Piled Fire onto the now Charred logs, Skylara Wolfbane, A shapeshifter, was switching to find the warmest animal, now looking like mixture between a Mole and A Fish.
Lillivale Diamondsnipe, also a shapeshifter,  was a green candle, flame flickering slowly.
They would be outside, doing something interesting, but the door was covered in snow, so thick they couldnt get out, it had been like this way for 6 days, they would of gotten out, but this was magically induced, or as they so believed.
At the very moment when Skylara Morpghed into a Wooly Sheepdog, A large Tendril of darkness Burst through the door, they all stood up Weaons held, except Skylara she seemed to not have noticed.
As the door fell down, A teenage Girl followed by a man in a Fancy suit, with Fire in his hands.
Skylara ran forward and jumped at his feet, still as a Sheepdog
"Skylara! Dont drool on those shoes, Ghastly just made them." Skulduggery Yelled at the Bewildered dog,
But before they could continue, the candle turned into a man with Longe blonde hair and sharp Blue-Green Eyes. "Strange, didnt know Ghastly made Prada." He said Casually to the Skeletal man.
"Shut It Mix and Match! or You'll end back in that cell." Skulduggery shouted.
"Falsely accused..." Lillivale muttered "Anyway, You dont have a reason but you might soon, but you wont be  the one arresting me, your little Teenage Sercretary will." Lillivale continued.
"Leave me out of it Shuffle!" Valkyrie yelled
"Fine, but tell knuckle face I wont be falsely accused soon!" Lillivale retorted
Right after he finished that sentence a ray of fire spilled out of his hands, and a Think green liquid out of Lillivales, but after a few seconds of the rays colliding and pushing, roots grew from the ground and rapped around them both. Pushing Lillivale to the ground and Skulduggery to the wall
"How come I always get the lower ground Kal?!" Lillivale asked, expecting Kallista's Handiwork
"Anyway, why are you here?" Niccolete and Florence asked at the exact same time.
"The Sanctuarys been Destroyed, all order has been destroyed, your all rogues now, a guide is coming to help you." Skulduggery annonced with a worried voice
"We dont need guidance, we need Answers!" Shouted Necros
There was a sudden groan of Relief as the roots around Skulduggery And Lillivale was released.
They were both about to thank  her, but she pushed through the crowd and ran to her motorbike, and sped off into the distance.                                                                                                                                    Just after her leaving, a woman with midnight black hair and a concerned  face walked through, sharp green eyes swerving in every direction.
"Whos this? Asked Bridget, Whip already in front of her.
"I'm Amanda Serious, your guide."
"And The sister of the man accused of killing the Skeleton Detective and his family." Lillivale finished for her.
"Hello, Sis." Lillivale finished.

This Fan fic is dedicated to Amanda, my older sister who died at the age of 17 of a car accident, may she rest in peace.
Amanda Siryj-Darith

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The End

Kallista ran foward bolting towards the room kalliope was in kalliope appeared to be distracted by another person, Just then the door slammed shut Kallista turned to the Midnight black haired woman standing next to Lillivale, unlike last time her hair was copper and shining like a penny.
"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!" Roared Kallista screaming at the woman
"Well first of all I'm Coppernight Everchange  nice to meet you and second of all thats the kiln of souls they suck people in with images to force them in, so theoretically I saved your life well soul actually." Coppernight said calmly.
Kallista, more enraged then ever through a whole ray of fire at her to be stopped by Lillivale sticking out a hand and stopping the flame.
"Watch out!" Screamed a voice followed by a clanging of armour on the floor
Stood in front of the armour was a man with hair like polished wood and a fist covered with metal and gems sprouting out of his back which, shrank back down soon after.
Coppernight ran forward and kissed him passionately* the man kissed back
"Knurlgem!" Lillivale screamed they exchanged gretting and shook hands.
but before he could be introduced a bolt of lightning whipped out.
"You think it was over?!" screamed Baron next to Dantea and Nefarian
"Oh damn!" Complained Kallista completely everted from the earlier argument
"Thanks to you we came up with a new plan, we would come here and summon our master again" he smirked Nefarian
Knurlgem then grew massive gems on his back and his hands grew into gems he then sliced at the cloud which deteriated shortly after
The heat of hell made it easy to use fire so it was thrown in large rays, Copperchange pulled out her bow and fired arrows,
Baron and his team, realising that they were swamped left short after.
Lillivales hands turned a stone into a sword and changed it back "Lets go." He said and ran off at such speed no man could be equivalent of except one, Necros.
As they ran foward a large light was sprouting p in the horizon "What on earth is that?" Queried Dragona
"Well first of all what on hell is that, second of all a summoning sigil bringing something back to life" said Knurlgem struggling to keep up.
when they reached the building the light was sourced they were surpised, it was a large ruin with stones circling a altar in the middle a corpse of one man, Lord Vile.
They circled around the altar and on the count of 3 ran inside it.
"What are you doing here!" screamed Dantea
"We are here to destroy ou your friedns your master from destroying this world so i can hit necros in the training arena again." Replied Lillivale
"hey!" Necros said angrily
Though their arguments where short lived swords clashed and blood flew.
Skylara turned into a wolf and bit Baron on the shoulder who ran in fear.
Kallista drove her sword through Danteas arm who dissapeared shortly after.
Bridget whipped Nefarian in the face twice who ran away too.
After returning from hell to earth they arrived at their old warehouse, set up near Kenspeckle's place.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Short posts

the realisation that my posts have been short just came to me so i am publishing my book the Black lightning
i hope you will like it i will post chapter per chapter

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The other end of the portal was boiling hot, the whole area around them was bronzish reddish.
Lillivale was nowhere to be seen.
as they enetered a man with a gray face asked "Cause of death?"
Sludge rose up behind the man and entered his moth the man then said in Lillivales voice "Go ahead." and handed them some tickets.
as Bridget walked in she noticed something.
"Wait! if this is the land of the dead and I am dead...." She asked slowng down as she thought what could happen.
"You'll be fine when we get you out you will still be a vampire.
"well then what are we waiting for lets find your brother..." She replied
They scanned through hell it wasnt very easy as alot of people have died over the time but there was one section for magic users so they could nail it down to there.
As they scanned the area Kallista stopped gaping....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Labryninth of Doom: The Awakening

As they awoke there was disturbance in the air.
All but the girl and the  ghoul awoke.
They stared around the maze they knew they had to get moving or else The deadly threee will have a advantage so with a small push and awakening everyone else but the girl they were off.
Necros Carried the girl while Lillivale Carrying the Supplies.
They seemed to weave through the maze for hours.
There was a strange Thump
THUMP! "Whats that?" Asked skylara
Bridget Cracked her whip spinning it around.
there was a movement somewhere down a hall of the maze.
Something dashed behind them.
They all immediately unsheathed their weapons.
They turned around and a Floating wrinkled face  followed by a trail of darkness was there.
"Don't attack! its a soul sucker..." Lillivale yelled
they had no time to ask what it was it breathed in and a vortex aimed at the girl appeared something seemed to be dragged out of here.
Lillivale grabbed the face
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY FRIENDS!" Lillivale screamed at the top of his voice... and he has a loud one...
"i-i-i am here to collect the soul nice to see you out of the underworld... 1 Diamondsnipe out 1 to go." the soul sucker said with a raspy voice
the girl awoke but didnt say anything
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN... wait is my brother there?" Lillivale asked
"Yesssss." the soul sucker hissed
the soul sucker dissapeared Lillivale then summoned a tone of sludge it whirled around into a portal.
He jumped in
"What do we do?" asked Bridget whipping her whip at a rat
"Well Lillivale obviously wants his brother out i want my sister out too but i cant do that..." kallista said weakly.
They dived in the portal The Ghoul just left....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Labryninth of Doom

As they woke up in a cell Bridget glared around frantically Kallista stood up she noticed no one but the group was in the cell Darkshire Was outside the cell Necros was trying to Force the door open Lillivale tried to pick the lock.
Lillivale whipped some sludge around and before he could transform it Necros Whipped some energy with it combined it slammed on the door and broke it down Everyone awoke Immediately darkshire remained asleep There was a river in the room running down the cave into a pitch black cave.
Lillivale stared at a pebble he flicked it up in mid air "Knurl! Stenr!" The rock immediately change into a large Canoe
"What did you do?" Asked Leo fiddling with some Iron on the floor
"Its an ancient language magic can be used with it, I found some sort of translater in Hell."
"Mind the language!" Kallista yelled
"No literally in hell" Lillivale Retorted Already in The canoe he picked up some more stones he Got some Twigs and said "Vondr! Stenr!" The Twigs grew into Oars and they all hopped in.As they Rowed Down the stream There was a whisp of darkness appearing from the water Raising from the Darkness was a Girl.
The girl was beatiful the man gaped when they saw her.
Her eyes Dark green slightly tilted Like a cat Her hair Black As night her body was well built she had a belt With two sheaths and a clip that held a bow and arrow
Lillivale Stared Unimpressed he didnt fancy women His brother who Had died from the wrath of lord vile had married the most beautiful woman who he adored since she died he had never fancied a woman though he did like how she was built, For fighting.
Her eyes opened and She Staggered and fell in the canoe it didnt fit so Lillivale shouted again "Knurl! Stenr!"
The boat extended and she fit in The boat started shaking violently
"Waterfall Ho!" Shouted Kallista
the boat rocked Violently Lillivale repeated the words "Knurl! Stenr!" the boat grew to a giant capsule with a see-through window in the front it fell down and it bounced around
"Knurl! Stenr!" The boat Changed to a bunch of stones
"Vondr Stenr!" The Oars changed into some logs
Leo Started a fire while revealing a metal golem it walked around for a while then came back and shrunk.
The Fire burned The golem, Somehow had caught some meat htey ate it and chatted
"What do we do now? asked Bridget
before anyone could answer there was a small crash and a sound "Hmmm weve gotten closer..."
thats all they could here They knew who the voice was Darkshires
"Great Not only do they have The weapon of The first necromancer They have a advantage over us!" Cried Nicollete
"Now how do suspect us do beat them?!" Asked Leo
"We will see...." Kallista Said graciously

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Derek and eoin talk in a cafe chatting about the randomness of last night the door then locked and they were sucked into a portal of apples
when tey arrived they were greeted by a apple king
"Welcome to fruit land! we live in peace and prosperity but are at war with the potatos so we shall great you with dead potatos as a banquet!"
after eating potatos ith eyes he chatted with the king and the king announced a dance the apples started dancing around like crazy then one started rappiung
this rapper was interupted by potatos marching through with a giant fruit peeler
donkey shooter picked up eoin and derek and ate them pooed them out and they woke up as poos
they then ate all the potatoes apples and other inhabitants of fruit land
derek went to the toiletwhen he finished he was pulled into his toilet by bits of poo and dragged too poo land
too be continued...