Thursday, November 4, 2010


The other end of the portal was boiling hot, the whole area around them was bronzish reddish.
Lillivale was nowhere to be seen.
as they enetered a man with a gray face asked "Cause of death?"
Sludge rose up behind the man and entered his moth the man then said in Lillivales voice "Go ahead." and handed them some tickets.
as Bridget walked in she noticed something.
"Wait! if this is the land of the dead and I am dead...." She asked slowng down as she thought what could happen.
"You'll be fine when we get you out you will still be a vampire.
"well then what are we waiting for lets find your brother..." She replied
They scanned through hell it wasnt very easy as alot of people have died over the time but there was one section for magic users so they could nail it down to there.
As they scanned the area Kallista stopped gaping....


  1. sorry for the short post it was just to find kalliope and Lillivales brother i wasnt sure so i need to make it short

  2. WOW Donkey! Great story! I like how you put Kalliope in there. Can't wait to see what happens!
    It's nice to see you around again. Sorry I missed you on Derek's blog the other day!