Thursday, November 11, 2010

Short posts

the realisation that my posts have been short just came to me so i am publishing my book the Black lightning
i hope you will like it i will post chapter per chapter

Thursday, November 4, 2010


The other end of the portal was boiling hot, the whole area around them was bronzish reddish.
Lillivale was nowhere to be seen.
as they enetered a man with a gray face asked "Cause of death?"
Sludge rose up behind the man and entered his moth the man then said in Lillivales voice "Go ahead." and handed them some tickets.
as Bridget walked in she noticed something.
"Wait! if this is the land of the dead and I am dead...." She asked slowng down as she thought what could happen.
"You'll be fine when we get you out you will still be a vampire.
"well then what are we waiting for lets find your brother..." She replied
They scanned through hell it wasnt very easy as alot of people have died over the time but there was one section for magic users so they could nail it down to there.
As they scanned the area Kallista stopped gaping....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Labryninth of Doom: The Awakening

As they awoke there was disturbance in the air.
All but the girl and the  ghoul awoke.
They stared around the maze they knew they had to get moving or else The deadly threee will have a advantage so with a small push and awakening everyone else but the girl they were off.
Necros Carried the girl while Lillivale Carrying the Supplies.
They seemed to weave through the maze for hours.
There was a strange Thump
THUMP! "Whats that?" Asked skylara
Bridget Cracked her whip spinning it around.
there was a movement somewhere down a hall of the maze.
Something dashed behind them.
They all immediately unsheathed their weapons.
They turned around and a Floating wrinkled face  followed by a trail of darkness was there.
"Don't attack! its a soul sucker..." Lillivale yelled
they had no time to ask what it was it breathed in and a vortex aimed at the girl appeared something seemed to be dragged out of here.
Lillivale grabbed the face
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH MY FRIENDS!" Lillivale screamed at the top of his voice... and he has a loud one...
"i-i-i am here to collect the soul nice to see you out of the underworld... 1 Diamondsnipe out 1 to go." the soul sucker said with a raspy voice
the girl awoke but didnt say anything
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN... wait is my brother there?" Lillivale asked
"Yesssss." the soul sucker hissed
the soul sucker dissapeared Lillivale then summoned a tone of sludge it whirled around into a portal.
He jumped in
"What do we do?" asked Bridget whipping her whip at a rat
"Well Lillivale obviously wants his brother out i want my sister out too but i cant do that..." kallista said weakly.
They dived in the portal The Ghoul just left....