Friday, September 24, 2010

Fan Fiction Part 7.1

"ok know that the groups are organised we will chosse which group does which." Lillivale announced "ok me and my group shall go and investigate this person that is attacking the sanc-" lillivale said only to be interupted by the grand mage's assistant "we know the attacker Sir... it is Dantea Dredkin." The assistant said nervously "ok thank you." the grand mage said quietly "change of plan we are now going to have 2 groups ok?" lillivale said "ok stufff groups we will just walk out 1 of the 2 doors and there are our groups and it will be a suprise got it?" Skylara Wolfbane said a little grumpy that she wasnt the only shapeshifter "fine!" he said grumpily  and they walked out two different doors
"ok who is in this group?" lillivale questioned "me!" Necros said from somewhere in the crowd "me" leo sparks said "me!" Dragona pine said from somewhere "me!" Nicollete Croga said "me!" Florence said
"ok i can see the rest of you me and skylara have decided that my group would hunt down Dantea Dredkin and she would get research and find things out but of course we are both gonna suffer quite a beating, now lets go to china sorrow's libarary." lillivale said "we will go in my car though lillival gonna have to be something else though i dont have enough seats." florence said "fine by me" lillivale said  already halfway through turning into a husky. "Dantea Dredkin? i know her she used to work for the american sanctuary she went bad she was last seen in the pacific riding a boat." China sorrows explained to the pack "thank you" both lillivale and skylara said then stared at eachother and walked away "ok lets go to the sydney they might have a record of boat's and who was on them so that shall save us some decent time anyway."
When they reached the harbour they headed towards a warehouse it was dark and eerie "Hello, anyone here?" Leo shouted he then sent out a bolt of eletricity to check if there as any nerve waves becide them a newly found skill "nup no one here." he said "good lets check if there are any re-" he was interupted by a pack of vampires rising from the ground "oh isn't this great?" Nicollete said sarcastically

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  1. Ha ha! A pack of vampires.... this should be fun! Great job, Donkey! :) Awesome story!