Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fan fiction 3

they were all already throwing flames except lillivale for his shape shifting abilties he turned into a very confusing animal that had a lillivale diamond snipe head snakes wear his hands were meant to be stone arms wings sprouting out his back  and 4 legs and horns made out of flames a bit confusing yes but he had been working on sprites for ages this was one of his best. "I'll guard the remnants door!" Darkane yelled over all the bashing and lillivale stepping on things. out of nowhere a group of non-posesed sorcere's came down and helped "thanks for helping we need all we can get!" yelled nicollete. one threw a fireball at lillivale "hey im on your side my appearance may be frightning!" lillivale then turned into his orignal form  "but i am fast as lightning!" turning into a cloud of lightning suddenly a small chinese tune comes out of the radio "oh how corny is this!" yelled Sarthacus out of nowhere the gist appeared wiping out all remnants "why thank you Anton" Skyril said happily  "yes well say sorry to look at my hotel!"Anton Shudder said angrily "oh that is not a problem." Lillivale said out of nowhere as he had cleaned up the whole place
"Well i am darlin." Billy ray said tired from using his powers "Dang it not you." Nicollete said annoyed, again something frightning happened "And me!" Springheeled jack yelled has he crashed through the window "and me!" Dusk said as he smahed through the door "who next" sighed Skyril "Me!" said a womans voice and then we found out "It's me!" said tanith low Shortly followed by "oh no you dont!" and then skullduggery pleasant landed on top of her pinning her down "careful on my gal!" Billy ray said "shes my girl your girl is a remnant" Ghastly said walking through the door "well everyone else is here i might come too" Skylara wolfbane said walking through the door  "And me!" then valkyrie cain walked through the door. The room was filled with shocked people then none was sure what to say everyone was sure valkyrie cain had been killed after that Lillivale turned into dog food.


  1. What a great story! Lillivale turns into dog food? Lol Can't wait to see what happens next!

  2. you will see later for your overwhelming support ill make you more popular