Saturday, September 25, 2010

Part 7.2

Skylara sat in The car as darkane drived it they were heading towards melbourne's coast they stopped and went out they headed towards a fishing store but it was closed then they headed towards the dock there were crates being lifted everywhere they headed towards a room it was filed with craes in which they saw a bunch of boooks stacking up then a fleet of golems pooped out pf the ground but this time they were metal ones not rock ones so they were left surrounded by golems darkane threw a fire ball at one and some of the metal melted then it headed towards darkane and hit her and then threw molten metal and it encased her and she was there like a statue many other golems then fought but skylara then tripped them all and they were all smelted into a group of swords "ok lets go" sarthacus said impatiently "no we need to get darkane then read those books." Evangeline said then skylara flew down with darkane in her hand's "do you reckon darkane will live?" Skylara asked weepily "no im sorry." Sarthacus said weerily then the golemslowly woke up and grabbed mary hiashi and squezzed and mary hiashi exploded into yellow smoke then jodi harte ran up to it but then a portal opened up and she then backed away  "err well know we hyave got 2 less." bridget whiplash sakaid annoyed "well either way we have know got the following in our group: Jodi harte Evangeline crow Sarthacus bolt & me and also a metal version of darkane." skylara announced "i found the record here it is it says dantea dredkin left on the dominator 70 years ago and it never arrived where it was meant to which was america by the way it sunk right about here." yelled Sarthacus pointing at a map in the middle of the pacific "good job ill alert lillivale on the news" skylara said already on her phone "ok lillivale we found out she was on the dominator which sunk in the middle of the pacific 1749 died and 92 survived and theres a record here saying dantea survived but then was never seen again after the sinkage and also we lost mary hiashi and darkane claw there both dead well mary dissapeared into smoke and we think sh is dead like i said into smoke" skylara said through her phone there was a sign of struggle heard through the phone then followed by 3 sharp beeps and skylara put her phone away "there in trouble lets go" skylara said nervously

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