Saturday, October 23, 2010


Dereks house
he sits drinking tea solemnly on his couch he heres a bunch of bangs from his computer he runs there and finds...
A bunch of purple pixies and donkey shooter wearing donkey skinned clothes
"i shall make you post"
the pixies swarm him and enter his mouth and control his body little did donkey know he was about to have a allergic reaction
derek threw up and te pixies drowned in the spew.
Donkey shooter hen throws a temper tantrum
he sends out more pixies and a one eyed one humped purple people eater which breathes purple flame and likes toffee he makes his pixie dunk him in toffee and the purple people eater devours him whole the purple people eater has a allergic reaction too derek and throws him up derek does some krav maga moves only to be stopped by pixies he sends out a derek eater which eats him but is allergic to dereks hair
Donkey shooter screams out ppixies which blow the roof off which flies ver far away
Eoin Colfers house
Eoin was busy writing a new Artemis Fowl book then bang his roof fell in but to be replaced by the Derek landys and is computer was smashed up
"DONKEY SHOOTER!" yells derek and eoin at the same time
"WOOPS!" says donkey shooter and flys away on a retarted dwarf
random huh?

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