Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Jack Gravitater landed and stared at the pack of monsters being attacked by a large pack of Sorcerers.
He used his ability and they flung back into a pit at the back of the room
theere was 2 pathways  both guarded by pits.
"Who are you?" Dragona asked
"Jack Gravitater, Pleased to meet you." He shook everyones hands and introduced himself.
A remanent came out of one of the pits and landed and turned into a human
they all attacked but his body avoided and opened up if it hit him.
"I'm A ghoul I've got no name..." The Ghoul Bacame some darkness and swirled arouind and he spelt out "HOP IN" he swirled into a portal and they dived in when they cam out they were in a room with a few podiums one carrying a sword switching between elements one is a bow arrows with darkness one a  sword tthat split around and twirled  and they flew out one was a blue pencil that etched on the walls making the shields around the podiums stay strong, The one in the middle Was where a man Stood  Elements squirting out of his hands and Necromancing magic coming out another hand
DarkShire picked up the bow and arrow tipped them with tranquilizing poison he shot them all and they blacked out

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