Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Jack Gravitater Jerked back and easily dodged every slice "Hmm... The great Tanith low was meant to be good..." He said dodging every slice with ease he crouched like a spider and pushed himself up and he flew right over Tanith
"Do you even have magic?!" Tanith Asked confused that this swift man had not used magic
"I will now if you want..." Jack said and then a small star appeared in the corner of his eye and it spun around and came out of his eye hen dissapeared
"Whats that!? A tiny star!?" Tanith asked she ran at him and was flown back and stared she then rose into the air and stayed there she tried to get out of the invisble box.
Jack used his huge lanky legs and got over to Her in one Step
"I control Gravity like you do but I can control  the gravity around m and it can Push and pull."
Jack's Star came out and spun the other way and Tanith fell to the ground
"Why do you want to hurt me!" Tanith screamed
"I hate Remnants!" Jack yelled
"I'm not a Remnant it was taken out of me by Lillivale!"
"Well youre not lack lipped so you can go..."
she called and said "Field of Darkness"
Fletcher Appeared and Stared at Jack for a while then left.
Jack walked into the field his large legs pushing him along he ran intro a small Portal and Jumped in
Below him was a pack of people under attack by a large pack of monsters...

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