Monday, October 11, 2010

The Field of Darkness

Thunder boomed across the field which was a maze the deadly three theen sunk into the ground then "Race ya to the weapons!" yelled Billy-Ray sinking into the ground but was stopped by Necros and Lillivale
"Plural? theres only one weapon!" Screamed Darkshire
"Theres 2 one for each magic!" Screamed Billy Ray
Lillivale then made a cage and put Billy-Ray in there it hovered above the field\
"that'll contain him he cant go underground now." Said Lillivale about to tear through the the grass only to realise it was hard as steel
They went down the field until a fox strolled up to them and stopped at Skylara it then transformed into Aquila Felis
"Aquila! nice of you to join us!" Skylara said happily
"Well I saw you walking and i though i would join." Aquila Said already out of her fox form
they stopped when they saw a Small Green portal
"What do we do?" Bridget asked nervously as nightfall approached
"We go in of course..." Kallista said and jumping in followed by the rest Darkshire stayed out and stared at the chest behind the portal he opened it and there was a blade that was black and creeping with darkness it was the weapon of the first Necromancer he jumped in and glared at it as he fell They thought he was Darkshire when he really was...
 Lord Vile.

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  1. Great story, Donkey!!!!!!
    Love the action. :D Can't wait to see what happens!!!!