Friday, October 8, 2010

The Field of Darkness

They Immediately prepared for battle Darkshire Whipped around some darkness and grabbed Lord Vile
"Who are you?" Lord vile asked Struggling from the darkness
"Darkshire Deathlash." Darkshire answered dropping lord vile but pinning him to the ground
"I thought you were killed and same with you two. anyway EXPLAIN!" Necros yelled
"Ok.... heres how i brought them back to life..." just then he opened a portal that looked familar to everyone but Darkshire but he knew what it was it was the gate to the dead they saw something trying to get out Kallista ran to it and was about to smash t but looked at it and pulled it up out came a burly mqan with ooze dripping from his Sleeves While waiting he whipped the ooze and turned it into a whirlwind and blasted them way past the field "l-l-lillivale..." Stuttered Skylara the man stood up whipped his ooze around and turned it into a few hands and shooke everyones hands at once "O-kay... im a little bit confused, HOW ON EARTH DID YOU GET OUT!" Necros screamed "Wrong How on Hell did i get out..." Lillivale replied brushing something off his shirt  Kallista explained the mission theywere about to do and Introduced him to Darkshire
He then led them into a path in The field of wheat "Why cant we fly over!" Complained Skylara "Because its to damn foggy!" Yelled Darkshire then something came out of the ground "Why Hello Darlins' I brought my friends" Billy Ray Said after him popped up The Deadly Three and Dusk and Springheeled Jack


  1. 1st comment!
    Lillivale's alive!!!?????? Awesome! great story, Donkey! I'm glad you posted this! So, when's the next one coming? :)

  2. Next ones on soon and umm
    well technically lillivale waas always alive he was just sucked to the land of the dead where he was basically dead